Ardvi Sura Anahita, Mother of Waters

Pictures of bright blue ocean against a lush green coast with the text: "The Children of the Earth call out to Ardvi Sura Anahita! Strong, bright, and beautiful, Your graceful and flowing form sends down, both day and night, Waters that run powerfully all along the earth. You hold as much Glory as the whole of the Waters. Sweet Maiden, Mother of Waters, Pure and glowing with radiance, You stand in statuesque stillness, Holding the baresma in hand, Crowned in the gold of a hundred stars that shine brilliantly down in eight pure rays. Clothed in garments of the finest beavers, worked till their skins shine to the eye With a full sheen of silver and gold. All the Waters of the Earth belong to you, A thousand lakes, and rivers and streams. Mantled in gold, the wide-expanding Waters, Worthy of Sacrifice. Worthy of Prayer. For whom Ahura Mazda made four horses, Wind, and Rain, and Cloud, and Sleet. Increasing all things, righteous and victorious. Crushing down the hates of all haters, Defeating the Daevas and their ilk. Your strength and your glory are far-reaching, Purifying the essence of us all. O Ardvi Sura Anahita! come down from those stars, towards the earth made by Ahura, towards the sacrificing priest, Meet us at the boundaries Be warmed by our Good Fire. Anahita, Mother of Waters, for you brightness and your glory, we offer you a sacrifice! Anahita, accept this sacrifice!" By Rev. Jan Avende (


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